How to braid fish scale
How to braid fish scale
2013/02/18 at 1:46 AM
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How to braid fish scale

Among the many possible hairstyles for women, the braid is one that most are successful. This is due to the fact that the braids are relatively easy to do, and above all are very stylish and versatile, but without sacrificing style.How to braid fish scale

Several types of braid embedded as the simple, lateral, cascade, and fish scale. The latter is one of the hardest to do, but it is also very beautiful and so has been increasingly used by women. The braid fish scale can be used on the side of the head, or the traditional way. One way that has won several adept braid is embedded fish scale, especially by women who do not have very long hair.How to braid fish scale

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How to braid fish scale


  • A transparent hair restraint.
  • Rhinestone barrettes unit with a tip or staples.
  • Comb.


  • Comb your hair to leave it well resourceful.
  • Separate your hair into two move.
  • Set aside a small amount of hair from the second move, and move it below the first move.
  • Pull firmly to keep the braid.
  • Set aside a small amount of hair from the first move, pass it under the second move.
  • Pull again to maintain firmness of the braid.
  • Repeat steps 3-6 until you have finished the braid, always pulling to keep the braid tight and beautiful.
  • Attach the end of the braid with the hair restraint transparent, so it does not drop.

Take the clips and put one in each "scale" of hair, bright spots to keep the braid.

How to braid fish scaleTips:

There are several ways to make this braid even more charming. Check out:

  • While making the braid, go pulling hair to one side of the head. So you can get to the side braid.
  • To give more volume to the hair, take a fine tooth comb and go under the wires to give the hair a style shredded.
  • This braid is easier to do in straight hair. So if you do not have straight hair, invest in a flat iron or brush for easy time to make the braid.
  • Use ribbons of different colors with each move, while vai braiding hair. The result is a braid colorful and perfect to go jump Carnival, concerts or other more relaxed environments.
  • If you have little hair, braid can use the built-in fish scale, which is made from the top of the head. This is a trick to increase the size of the fish scale effect on short hair.
  • Do not look in the mirror while doing the braid. The mirror makes do movements reversed, damaging the braid of hair.
  • Practice whenever you can, so when you need to leave already be experienced and will make a beautiful braid.

With these tips is easy to make this beautiful hairstyle!

Tags: Oily hair, blonde hair, Keratin, light hair, moisturizing for dry hair, Straight hair, How to Braid Tags: Oily hair, blonde hair, Keratin, light hair, moisturizing for dry hair, Straight hair, How to braid
Tags: How to braid fish scale
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