How do medieval hairstyles
How do medieval hairstyles
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How do medieval hairstyles

The average age tends to delight everyone due to its rich culture and customs of the people who lived at that time. For those unaware, the medieval era comprises the V and XV centuries in Europe at that time was the presence of several common people and customs, and the Vikings one of the most remembered. It was common that women wear elaborate hairstyles to secure their long strands, use the shorter hair was not very common. These hairstyles were also used to differentiate social classes. Despite all this time, then used the hairstyles remain popular among women all over the world, and many celebrities have opted for style in their productions.How do medieval hairstyles

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Learn how to do medieval hairstyles

Before making a medieval hairstyle is necessary to consider some important points. The first is related to the size of the wires, as most require longer hair, a good alternative is to opt for appliques for a more beautiful effect. To make your hairstyle medieval braid s, you will need:

  • Comb
  • Elastic
  • Buckles for garnish
  • Spray fixative

Step by step

  • Comb your hair all back if you have a curly hair more you do not need brush, let the natural curls, the final effect is very beautiful.
  • Divide your hair in half, if you want more you can divide the side, this will depend on your personal taste.
  • Set aside a small strand of hair a little forward of the ear, secure with a staple.
  • Make two braids on the sides, it is important that they have volume, so the need to own a hair more voluminous.
  • Use a comb and go extending the braid.
  • Loosen the lock that you had separated and do a simple braid, then go from holding a braid and another. Use clamps that have the same tone as your hair.
  • Use spray fixative to finish the hairstyle.

How do medieval hairstylesBraid hairstyle prey

The braids were very present in the lives of women in middle age, therefore her presence is common in many medieval hairstyles. One of the best known is the braid attached to the head. For this you will need:

  • Dryer
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Elastic

Step by Step
1. Make a brush through her ​​hair, then it is important that the wires are well smooth. 
2. Divide your hair in half. 
3. Make two braids, one on each side, and go in holding your head height with clips, hide the ends of the braids and let them secure. 
4. Use the spray to fix, if you have bangs, you can leave it natural.

1. Use your imagination and search for other books and magazines hairstyles of the time, they are great for more formal occasions. 
2. If some wires are loose, you can use a gel or ointment before you start your hairstyle. 
3. Combine the hair style with the makeup, the result is very good. How do medieval hairstylesMedieval The hairstyles are glamorous and stylish, but it is very important that you feel comfortable with that kind of hair, so the production is complete. Good Luck!

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Tags: How do medieval hairstyles
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