How to treat inflamed sciatic nerve
How to treat inflamed sciatic nerve
2013/03/24 at 3:17 AM
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How to treat inflamed sciatic nerve

Currently, many of the problems in the lumbar spine have been felt by people who have not even reached old age. Many youngsters and even teenagers can feel pain in that area and this is due to poor posture, improper exercises with the lack of stretching, sports of extreme form, among others.

But you must be wondering: What is inflamed sciatic nerve? Well, before you figure out how to treat it, see what it is, symptoms, and then find out if that is what you must have felt and treat.

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What is inflamed sciatic nerve?

Sciatica is the name given to the compression that causes nerve in the lumbar spine. This means that when this occurs, there is a problem in this region, causing inflammation on the sciatic nerve. He should be treated properly, it generates intense pain. Now, see what are the symptoms of this disease.

Symptoms inflamed sciatic nerve

Symptoms that occur are pain in the lower back. They may be pain burning, tingling or stinging. Not continuously, it varies throughout the day, sometimes you feel the pain, sometimes it is, but is always present. Sometimes, this pain affects only one side, but other times, you feel the two. Now that you know a little about what it is and its symptoms, learn how to deal in a healthy way and correct. More details to follow.

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How to treat inflamed sciatic nerve

  • You can start your treatment ingesting anti-inflammatory medicine. That way, you can desinflamar the nerve that is causing the pain, but not enough. The medical monitoring is of paramount importance;
  • A good treatment are stretching exercises, particularly for the spine, legs and buttocks. There are many and you can even do at home;
  • In many cases there will be the need for physiotherapy. So it is always good to go through a medical evaluation before, so it can identify whether you need it;
  • It is recommended that you do well compresses alternating hot and cold temperature. Can be done once or twice a day. This can relieve the pain caused by the inflammation of the sciatic nerve;
  • The massages are also very effective forms of treatment. If you prefer, you can do it in a clinic, but be careful not to bring more pain and damage. The most recommended is reflexology, which works not only in the affected region, but all organs and systems;
  • Automassagear the ankle region can be useful. Find the point that is causing the pain and massage slowly, it helps relieve pain in the lower back.

How to treat inflamed sciatic nerveWikimedia Commons

The treatment can be done even at home, just be careful not to make it even more inflamed. Have always follow a specialist in this area, so you can have better results.There satisfactory treatment for these cases and treat soon is the best medicine for your health.

Take the opportunity to follow the above tips and get good results with these treatments.

Good health and until next time!

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