How to deal with exes (as) that interfere wit
How to deal with exes (as) that interfere with the current relationship
2013/06/10 at 3:12 PM
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How to deal with exes (as) that interfere with the current relationship

There is nothing more annoying than the influence of others in a loving relationship, whether dating or marriage. The nuisance can be even greater if the interference is the former girlfriend of her current partner. But how to make that person stop bothering? Dialogue, a lot of dialogue.

First, talk with your boyfriend about the situation. In a conversation, say you do not feel good about what is happening and that he would like an end to the intrigues generated by his ex-girlfriend. If it is firm and have a way, it can solve the problems of time.

But it is not always easy. In many cases, the ex-partner might be wanting to get back together with him and so is getting into your relationship, be kinder to him sending messages, gossiping about you or sending indirect social networks.Always keep the head in place and demonstrate superiority and maturity to ignore the taunts.

Solve all quietly, however difficult that may be. In most cases, these people want to destabilize the relationship. Therefore, avoid to quarrel with your love for that reason.Breathe twice and always has his head in place whenever you are in an uncomfortable situation or conflict.

This embarrassing situation should be resolved along with her boyfriend because he is the one to put a halt to the raids of the former. Keep in mind that relationships with many fights, regardless of the reason, are never pleasant and lasting. A discussion always harms and negative impact on a relationship. And remember: this is what the former wants.

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Only friendship 

  • Many relationships end and people are still friends. After all, just started dating because they had something in common, such as friendships or actually attending the same locations. Ponder and see if this is the case.
  • Jealousy excess can make you confuse the situation. Conversations, laughter and common concerns are absolutely normal between two people and not mean they wanted to resume the relationship.
  • If this friendship is annoying you, talk to your boyfriend. But remember that you can not erase the past or someone in his life. Keep maturity.

The other side

How to deal with exes (as) that interfere with the current relationshipMick K / Flickr

  • If the person is disrupting the relationship is a former boyfriend of yours, talk to him, make it clear you do not want more and expect it to have a new happy relationship. Whenever you have these conversations, look for a friendly tone, but firm and serious.
  • Small steps contempt as not responding to emails, phone calls and messages on the phone, the boy can get real. If he'll always look on social networks, the block, even for a time. So he will not have easy access to their life and actions.
  • Remember, communication is essential.

In extreme situations, but not rare, an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend threaten you or your partner from death or violence. If this type of threat persists, a police station and pay complaint. It is very likely that it stops if you receive a subpoena. The same goes for persecution, letters and anonymous messages.

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