What is the difference between texture and gr
What is the difference between texture and grafiato?
2013/02/17 at 6:44 PM
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What is the difference between texture and grafiato?

Who is building or renovating, we've certainly thought types of finish you want to give environments. In surveys in search engines, many netizens want to know what is the difference between grafiato and texture.The rustic look with effects relief that both options give the walls, makes the mistake lay in the subject grafiato with texture, see the main differences:

  • Both can be used on exterior and interior areas, the property value and have good durability.
  • Grafiato is the most modern and it is still a kind of texture. This produces an effect acrylic coating risk wall that can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This is due to its formulation and use of appropriate tools, such as steel trowel.
  • It can be applied in white, to then be painted or already use the color version, which costs a little more, but in a single application leaves the wall ready!
  • Since the texture, because it contains in its formula grains thick that exist in the grafiato formula, no effect of risks.
  • There are on the market, at least three styles available, the designer texture, smoothness and texture designed, each giving a different effect.
  • Before buying, you need to present a picture of the effect you want for the professional who will apply for it indicate the best style.
What is the difference between texture and grafiato?

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Despite the skill and knowledge of the professional, and the use of tools like brush, foam brushes, newspapers, among others, are of great importance for a good result, these textures, especially the desinger, already produces effects of chess, aged gel , wrinkled, splattered, among others, so that the effect obtained is hardly an artistic professional, although the most talented tend to produce richer and more refined work.

What is the difference between texture and grafiato?

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Tips for maintaining uniform tone and texture:

For large areas, such as facades of houses or businesses, buy all the necessary quantity at once and the same batch. For one to the other may be a difference in the look.

What is the professional who applies textures?

Some brands come with step by step and people with skills for crafts can venture into small areas. But if the area is large and / or prefer a professional to run the service, look for a professional painter, who has been trained for application of the brands.

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